Geo Targeting via Online Advertising Platforms

KFC Swaziland has constantly evolved over the years to move with the times. Its ability to adapt to its ever-changing environment has cemented it on to one of the country’s top of mind brands. This has ensured that it scored itself the number 8 spot in Yati Marketing’s Top of mind brands survey of 2016.

This company has come a long way in gaining public trust and recognition. Its winning formula has always been in its ability to remain current to its targeted segments through communication channels that would appeal to them. Online advertising is another way in which KFC has managed to retain its top spot as one of Swaziland’s most recognized brands.

KFC has embraced the digital age and has taken to social media in a major way. More Swazis have been treated to an innovative and modern way of advertising. KFC not only used Facebook to launch its marketing messages, it also used MTNs Please Call Me service to disseminate promotional information to the public. It was the first company to utilize this service and capitalized on it by sending adverts to Swazis over a period of a month.

The company uses Pay per Click advertising to target its audience and tailor its message to the individuals’ location and possibly perceived online behavior. The company interprets the various inputs from the country’s online users and analyzes the data to sieve out all those who in any way included KFC in their online inputs. This enabled the company to target their advertising campaigns accordingly and further track their customers’ responses.

Pay per click adverting with geotargeting is a formidable strategy in today’s ever-changing business environment. It has an appeal to customers’ evolving sense of individualism and has ensured that KFC remains one of the country’s top of mind brands.

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