Business Growth

Business Growth

Our Business Growth program is designed specifically for the development of owner-managers as well marketing and communication personnel who are tasked with growing these businesses. We help you create the future you want for your business and for yourself and also provide a unique opportunity for you to step back from the day-to-day demands of running your business. By the end of the program you will have developed a comprehensive and robust strategy and plan for the future.

Business Planning 

Many potential start-up businesses are daunted by the prospect of planning out their strategies. We will help you clarify your business idea and define your long-term objectives. Careful and concise business planning will provide a blueprint for the running of your business and projects; therefore it is vital for the alignment of your business’s step-by-step processes and attracting potential key customer, clients and suppliers.

Brand Development

Developing or refining a corporate identity is an involved process that aims to clearly define what your brand stands for. Companies evolve over time and who your company is today may not be who it was at its inception, or who it may be in the near future. Although it is essential for the longevity of a company for this evolution to take place, it is equally as critical that the brand reflects these changes.

Revenue Generation

There is no other single business function as important to a company’s performance as generating revenue. It is the critical success factor to living, growing and sustaining profitable income. Yati Marketing offers transparent revenue generation solutions to optimize your sales forces performance through sales leads.

Economic Consulting

We apply microeconomic theories alongside econometric and financial expertise to provide solutions to business, consumer and regulatory issues confronting our clients. Combining economic modeling skills with deep industry knowledge, we provide professional economic advice to companies, regulators and government.

Business Training

Business Training and skills investment is about nurturing and developing your people, helping them to perform to their full potential and providing them with greater job satisfaction by being better at what they do. Our business training workshops equip you and your staff with a set of essential skills which they’ll use every day, no matter what functional department they work in.