Business solutions

We specialize in software systems for customer communications and analysis. Added to this we also offer website hosting services and an Online Learning Platform. Our business solutions include bulk emails and website analysis software, mobile advertising reseller programs, advert verification solutions, website hosting and online learning platforms.

Bulk Email Management Software

We use competitive software to send bulk emails to your target audience. We also manage your email list and strategize your email campaigns.

Website Analysis Software

We use the best website analytics software to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications. The continued use of our software will assist to improve performance across your sites, apps, and offline marketing. With our software solutions we can help you turn customer insights into action for your business.

Mobile Advertising Reseller Program 

We have made it easy for you to advertise using our mobile advertising reseller program. We offer a complete mobile marketing suite including SMS marketing, mobile coupons, and mobile websites to your clients. Our Marketing Reseller Program combines all the latest in mobile marketing technology into one easy-to-understand, easy-to-use platform.

Ad Verification Solution

We use an automated technology to make sure that your online ad campaigns run as they were contracted. We advise the service providers of any discrepancies that may arise and we provide our clients with a detailed report of the advert flightings.

Swazi Website Hosting

Our website hosting packages offer low-cost, cloud-based hosting with continuous expert support to keep your site reliably up and running 24/7, however busy the traffic, any kind of project can be accommodated ranging from small businesses to online stores. There’s plenty of storage space to give room for expansion and every package has at least one database so you can install and run things like e-commerce, photo galleries, whatever you want.

Online Learning Platform

We offer a platform for our clients who need to run online courses. The platform allows for users to register and enroll for these courses. Users are made to write and submit assignments. They are also evaluated through tests and examinations after which they are awarded with certificates validating their accreditation.