57571764_internet_RGBHave you recently sat in one of those meetings where you tried to make a point about your marketing strategy or idea and your peers or boss asked for hard proof of your claims? You Try and work out a brilliant marketing strategy for a product or sales campaign and you just don’t have the information you need about the local market. We know how that feels because as practicing marketing & communications professionals we’ve been there.

Over the past 24 months we’ve been working hard collecting market data, which we use in developing effective marketing & sales solutions for our current clients. Until a few months ago, we’ve been using this data exclusively for our paying clients. However, we’ve decided to turn the table and open this offering up to every marketing, sales & communications professional in Swaziland – at absolutely no cost.

The goal is to create a community of market professionals who are willing and able to turn our industry around and make it as vibrant as in other countries. We want to help you make a positive impact in your area of influence. We want you to succeed.
We take the time to analyze the data and compile it into reports and information that is helpful to decision makers. We present it as reports, short pieces or as training material, depending on our subscribers needs.

While we often charge a fee for some of the data and reports, when you sign up for our email newsletter you will receive a lot (we mean a lot) of free data and insights about the Swazi consumer. We will show you how we collected the data and then share exactly what we’ve discovered. Imagine how great you will feel during those meetings and planning sessions.

How to sign up for free

Simply fill in the form on the below. We will immediately send you a verification email, which you will need to open to confirm your subscription. Once you confirm you will then start receiving our free reports and insights. Yes, it’s that simple! Now go ahead and sign up.


We are a full-service marketing company based in Mbabane, Swaziland. We’ve been around since 2013 but our Director has been doing this since 2005 – You can read more about our story here , our Founding Director . We don’t lie when we say the professionals behind these companies have come to us looking for marketing, sales & business assistance. All of them have paid for our services but today we are offering you free access to information that will enable you to make a real positive difference to your business.

Use the details below to get in touch. Note: the only way to access the free reports and data is by signing up for the newsletter. While we welcome your call, our helpful assistants will still refer you to this page for sign up – unless of course you want to talk about some other business issues.

Tell: 268 2404 8252
Email: info@yatimarketing.com

Physical Address: Cooper Centre, 2nd FloorOffice Suit 102, Sozisa Road, Mbabane, Southern Africa H100, Swaziland