Syndicated surveys

Have you ever wanted to know how consumers perceive your products, your brand or perhaps what consumers think about your advertising? Would you like to know what affects your consumers’ buying decisions prior to making purchases? Staying informed of trends and opportunities in your industry is an ongoing and time consuming process. We are efficient in data collection and analysis, we conduct dozens of consumer and trade surveys throughout the year. These surveys are available on a syndicated basis, as well as proprietary.

Top of Mind Brands in Swaziland Report

Every marketer’s goal is to have their brand positioned at the forefront of their target markets’ minds. It is important to assess the effect of the awareness you created so as to understand how frequent or less frequent your customers and potential customers think of your brand. To learn more go to

Swazi Media Audience Measurement Survey (SwaziMAMS®)

Our SwaziMAMS product is a survey of media audiences around Swaziland. This tool is key to understanding how to communicate with your target market as it shows the volume of traffic to the different media channels and the times with the most traffic. Click here for more information:


We have further broken down our SwaziMAMS product to distinguish between the various channels in Swaziland. SwaziMAMS TV measures the TV audience across all TV stations in the country, be it Swazi TV, Channel S or the DStv channels such as all the SABC channels as well as Etv.

SwaziMAMS® Radio

Our SwaziMAMS Radio, just like our SwaziMAMS TV measures the radio audiences across the major radio stations in the country. As a marketer it is fruitful to know your target markets’ behavioral patterns when it comes to their engagement with the radio. This will determine your chosen times to broadcast a notice or advert.

SwaziMAMS® Print

This product focuses on the country’s print media audiences. We measure the newspapers readership according to various demographic segments and their frequent engagement with the newspapers.


This is a measure on outdoor advertising audience, people that are exposed to billboards, kombi adverts, mall digital screens, street posters and banners as well as mall notice boards. This study measures the audience’s frequency of exposure to these different mediums.