Training programs

Yati Marketing offers various training programs that our clients can take advantage of in order to enhance their business and marketing knowledge. These are our social media marketing boot camp, website return on investment, how to attract and covert customers as well as blogging master classes. These programs have proved to be highly beneficial to business owners as they help them keep abreast with the ever-changing business environment.

Social Media Marketing Boot camp

Are you effectively tapping into social media for your business? Social media should be an important driver of user growth, engagement, retention and sales, but first you need a solid strategy to guide your activity across these networks. Our workshop takes you through the creation of an actionable social media marketing strategy using storytelling, content marketing, social monitoring, measurement and optimization. To learn more, you can go to


There is universal agreement among savvy business owners that a website should produce a positive return on investment (ROI).  That a website should contribute to the financial health and prosperity of a business is common sense. We offer training programs to clients and prospective clients to learn how to calculate their websites return on investment using various methods.

Attract and Convert Customers 

Our goal is to help you create awareness and make sure that your solution meets the buyers’ need when they’re ready to make a decision. We have tailor made training programs to teach you how to generate leads and covert them into sales. In order to excel and grow your business in the highly competitive landscape, you need a deep understanding of who your prospects and customers are, what they care about, and how to influence their purchasing decisions.

Swazi Blogging Masters

This is a master class that we offer to bloggers who wish to pursue blogging as a full time career. We host periodic blogging classes where blogging veterans impart their knowledge and bloggers use this opportunity to network and socialize. 

E-trade Profits 

Yati Marketing offers periodic seminars for business people to learn how they can realize profits through trade. This course is highly recommended to all clients as trade and commerce has taken an electronic form in terms of mobile, internet and digital trade.